The production of our “Aglio di Voghiera DOP” is a rural fairy tale that tells of how rise up a precious treasure for our area, which seasonality of production has a duration of nine months.

The beginning of this growing is expected in September, and the first step, after a careful selection of the best bulbils that has been made at the end of harvest (in August), is the shelling of heads which will be planted.

The product is secondarily planted until late November, as required by the regulations of the European Community for the product with trademark. It then passes through a phase, which runs from December to February, where we see the first leaves emerge from the soil, and thus comes in March.

From this time until June, the garlic is lovingly watered and treated in accordance with the plan protection reference. From the middle of June to late July, we make the uprooting of these "white pearls", which occurs with two different methods: one for the picking up in heads, which represents the largest portion of our work, and the other for the picking up of garlic in bunches. During this operation, throughout the manufacturing district, it spreads the typical aroma of garlic and all our land resources are used in the harvesting, with the help of the great rural knowledge of the local farmers.

During July and August, the garlic is dried, it loses humidity, to guarantee preservation and durability over time, and to maintain its characteristics and its properties. After the hard works of the harvest period, it is with pride, that from August until the new harvest, we store it, we conserve it, and we pack our garlic which is been prepared only at the moment in which we receive the order and according to the needs of our valued and cute customers.

As an happy ending, each pack is made with passion by our girls, and labels have specific identification number for the traceability of the production batch, in order to ensure transparency and reliability to the final consumer.