Opening of the new dryer


Come near the end of the harvest of “Aglio di Voghiera DOP”, the farm le Aie is ready to market the new product.

Much of the garlic picked up in heads, is already inside the new dryer recently built.


The structure, created for a dynamic type of drying, has been made to ensure a constant quality of the garlic, and above all to guarantee the preservation over time.

The new drying system is almost entirely made of wood and it has five fans at the beginning of each drying line, in order to control the temperature and the humidity. Inside the dryer, the garlic is put in bulk and subsequently it is subjected to a constant humidity control, coming to loose about 25% of humidity before being placed in a cold storage. This controlled ventilation system, as already said, allows to keep the product up to the next year, this is the reason why the preservation is a key link in the chain of shelf life of the product.

This huge investment is part of the continuing improvements that the company has decided to implement, and whose inauguration is scheduled for Friday, July the 20th, 2012. We ask who intends to participate to contact directly the company for more information.

And as a last note, but not least, we remind all “fans”, the usual date of the Voghiera’s fair of garlic, which reached its fifteenth edition, we are going to wait for you from the 3rd to the 5th of August in the picturesque landscape of the castle Belriguardo in Voghiera.