Fruitlogistica 2013

After the satisfactory results of the last edition, we returned to Berlin also this year to continue our goal of internationalization.

We took a very positive impression from our participation and we are now developing several contacts. Moreover we pick up on a trend increase of the selling price of Italian garlic and this trend is occurring also to other types of garlic.


The topics on which we focused are different and valid: territoriality and high quality, the persistent flavour, gentle and mellow taste and highly digestible that characterize our garlic trademarked with PDO.

With a firm belief of good characteristics and in prevision the new harvest of 2013/14, we increased of 50% the production to satisfy the enquiry of a safe and certified product.

The coming news that we presented in Berlin have been our line of processed products by the name "I sapori delle Aie," which includes an assortment of pates, seasoned olive oil, flavoured vinegar and garlic in oil and a new label, studied in collaboration with the consortium of producers of garlic of Voghiera, which gives to the product a greater connotation of quality. Now you can order our processed products by e-mail and we are going to answer you in less than 24 hours!


Among the positive aspects coming out from the market, we would like to underline the inclusion of Aglio di Voghiera PDO into the quality product lines offered by large retail chains.