“Work in progress”

To meet the growing demand for quality Italian products, the farm Le Aie, as previously announced, has increased by 50% the areas planted with garlic Voghiera PDO and from the end of July, the new garlic will be available, you can see some photos below.


The period of full development of the bulb is in the months of June and July, with the rains of this period alternated with sunny days our garlic is growing healthy and flourishing. There are many beneficial effects of this vegetable, below we list some properties.

Among the medicinal properties of garlic is its ability to promote vasodilatation. In this way, it is able to ensure a hypotensive effect, prevention of hypertension, keeping under control the blood pressure. Garlic is the perfect ally against bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus: it is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antibacterial and immunostimulant, capable of strengthening the body's immune defenses.


It’s an anticoagulant: allicin, one of the most important active ingredients contained in garlic, contrasts the platelet aggregation, which is the tendency and the ability of platelets to aggregate forming dangerous blood clots in the bloodstream, also prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood vessels. Strength of its anti-inflammatory properties, garlic is also a staunch ally of the health, wellness and beauty of the skin, in fact, the consumption of a clove a day can reduce water retention and the much hated cellulite.