Seasoned oil – 250 ml in bottle

It is a dressing born from the perfect union between two precious elements of the Mediterranean tradition: olives and garlic. The garlic of Voghiera, gives off its more delicate and whole fragrances, joined to the special taste of extra virgin olive oil. This oil, is gotten throughout a process of natural working in cold infusion. It is wonderful raw, and essential to create new recipes, like first courses with fish and meat. Obviously, the perfect match is the one with “bruschetta”.


Oil with garlic: extra virgin olive oil, garlic.

Oil with garlic and red chili pepper: extra virgin olive oil, garlic, red chili pepper.


Balsamic vinegar with garlic – 90 ml bottle

Particular combination reserved to delicate palates that combines, the softness of balsamic vinegar with the lovely fragrance of garlic. It is special because it has been aged for several years in a vinegar cellar into oak barrels and brought out by strong garlic taste. It is a perfect sweet-and-sour dressing when matched with “bruschetta”, main dishes and meat.

Balsamic vinegar: Cooked must of grapes, wine vinegar, garlic.

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